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Fast Electric Vehicle (EV) charging points available, reserved only for people with electric cars staying at the Hotel.

If you have an electric car, we have state of the Art EV (Electric Vehicle) Charging point stations, available for each guest bedroom:-

Chargers are the most powerful universal fast charging point available. Each station has 2 chargers with a 32 Amp, 3 phase supply, capable of up to 22Kw charging dependant on your cars capability and total load on the system.

Charge points are fitted with a Type 2 socket, so please bring your own cable, compatible with this connection.

From 1st april 2024 the price is £0.58 / kWh electricity consumed by your electric vehicle.

Charging of your EV can be performed from the moment the electric car is plugged in and authorised until it is fully charged, or it can be scheduled for a certain numbers of hours charge, say during the night.

The charging stations are Easee Home chargers. These have many benefits over and above the high amount of power they can deliver to your electric vehicle. They talk to the cloud with either 4g network or Wi-Fi, dependant on which is available.

They can be controlled by RFID cards, these can either come attached with the room key, or if you are a regular guest we can program your own card into the network. They are able to measure the amount of energy consumed with a +/- 3% tolerance. Our charging network enables several different electric cars with different needs at the same time.

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