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Green Tourism Policy:-

Our definition of 'responsible tourism' is offering guests a level of comfort and indulgence over and above what they expect at home while managing the affects on the environment. All to often eco-friendly accommodation is viewed (by proprietors as much as guests) as a way of using less water, using less heating, doing less washing, etc.

This then begs the question why go away in the 1st place?

By contrast, our strategy is one of managed investment in green credentials, not compromise, where guests need to have little participation, and certainly will not notice any impact on the quality our 4 star, silver award accommodation provides them.

Our impressive environment friendly Hotel's credentials speak for themselves without the need for any green tourism logo's, as we feel it wiser to invest in the latest technologies, rather than simple marketing.

So please 'indulge yourself in one of our large walk in showers with an individual 3 bar pump through a 12" sunflower head, knowing that the energy used is carbon neutral!'

Our Green Credentials - latest technology coupled with best practice:-

We have set aside 3 acres of mixed:- willow, horse chestnut, hawthorn, sycamore, and beech woodland within Hampshire as a renewable supply of carbon neutral fuel. Currently we plant between 1000 and 1500 new trees every year, which will be ready to copice 10 years after planting.

Commissioned and running daily is a 60 Kilowatt wood gasification biomass boiler. The carbon dioxide generated by Biomass is offset by the carbon dioxide removed from the atmosphere by growth of replacement trees. The net carbon emission of our biomass boiler is therefore zero by simply managing and replanting the 3 acres woodland. We believe we are the only eco tourism accommodation in southern England providing 100% of our 'ample' hot water and central heating requirements using this technology.

The main strength of biomass over other reusable energy sources is that supply can be adjusted to meet demand - essential for a hotel or bed and breakfast. To put this into context, winter is always the most demanding season for heat, but this is when solar energy is at its weakest. To get the same amount of heat as our Biomass gasification unit during winter, we would need 120 square metres of solar thermal panels or 850 square metres of solar PV cells at an installation cost of approximately £400,000.

Other Environmentally friendly considerations we make :-

Electrical energy is sourced through renewable suppliers.

Rainwater collection and recycling in several points arround the Holybourne b&b for outside use.

Toilet paper & kitchen tisue made from recycled paper.

Waste water managed locally, using the hotel water treatment plant.

All toilets (except disabled) are low flush.

Low energy lighting in all areas around the bnb, with automatic switching in 'pass through' corridors.

Uncooked food waste is used as compostable material, once you've tried our gorgeous freshly prepared breakfast, you will realise why there is very little cooked waste!

Refuse waste is recycled into paper, metal, plastic, glass and general.

Responsible Tourism - some simple steps for guests:-

When disposing of your personal waste, the bathroom bin is for general waste, the bedroom bin is for paper, plastic and metal, please leave unbroken glass next to the bedroom bin provided.

For guests staying longer than 1 night at our accommodation, if you wish your towels to be changed please place them in the bath or shower, or we will re-present them on the heated towel rail.

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